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St. Norbert College's Journal

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30th March 2006

ea4point7k3:00pm: hello?
Does this community have any life left in it?

C'mon you guys. :O

11th August 2005

vver9:43am: Hey everybody that is returning to SNC!! Is everyone excited that school is almost upon us?? I just want to be done with work. I was wondering if I shared the same classes with anyone that might read this. I have German 304,( HUmphrey) Shakespeare, Intro to the Bible( Dr. Bolin) and Singles and Couples ( Neary). Let me know if we share a class.

18th March 2005

xpaleseptemberx7:17am: for all the snc people out there (and anybody else):

HAVE A SAFE AND FUN SPRING BREAK!!! anyone going anywhere special?

25th January 2005

linztastic9:37pm: hi!
i'm lindsay damon. i'm a delta and i live in the campus center. who are you?

9th November 2004

agreendayinhel15:33pm: for the n()()bs
if your new at SNC you should prolly be aware that advisement days= double fines for drinking....so dont get caught!
Current Mood: devious

2nd November 2004

lilies18510:55am: hey

30th October 2004

lilies1852:52pm: hey hey everyone!
so a little bit more on this stuff...
mentioned before, ilive in VMC 208, but with the greatest roomies ever!
my AIM screen name is lilies185 so add me to your list so we can chit chat!
i played soccer last year and am looking to play some indoor if anyone's interested...
sara.smith@snc.edu of course, i like getting mail.

p.s. what's everyone doing for halloween!!!??? this little lady's plans for madison got canceled so someone hook me up with an idea for the remaining weekend.

its been a tumultuous week hasn't it? <== i just really wanted to use the word tumultuous
Current Mood: alive

28th October 2004

agreendayinhel111:02pm: anyone have good plans for halloween?

im gonna go watch Saw! :)

P.S. its almost friday!!!!
lilies1852:03pm: Hello
my name is Sara Smith.
I'm currently a sophomore at SNC majoring in Philosophy.
I live in VMC 208 so if you don't know me come visit!
I am originally from Merrill, Wisconsin. (a tiny town north of Wausau if anyone knows where that is :)
That's the basics!
Current Mood: curious

15th October 2004

agreendayinhel110:43am: Homecoming
Is anyone participating in homecoming this year?
meg- cant wait to see you! :D

p.s. marty-i see you everywhere! its scary....one of these days i'll introduce myself ^.^
Current Mood: curious

5th October 2004

agreendayinhel110:42am: A public Service Announcement...
For you newbies at SNC, just thought id letcha know that RA's do walkthroughs of the rooms over long weekend. So, if you have stuff that you shouldnt have, err, hide it or something. Hope everyone is doing well!
Current Mood: geeky

15th September 2004

vver10:55am: I am glad to be back at SNC. It has been too long of a wait for me. I have a couple papers due and a couple tests but I am not worried in the least. However, I broke my foot last week so I have not been able to work, therefore giving me more time fro school. Other then that everything is going great. I also have a lot more free time so if anyone wants to hang out, send me a message and we can work something out.
Current Mood: cheerful

7th September 2004

agreendayinhel16:25pm: hey kiddos,
everyone has been here for a while and i was wondering how things are going! enjoying classes, making friends, etc etc?

Hope all is well, and if not, just remember:
it will get better
Current Mood: bored

30th August 2004

fantom072:48pm: Good Luck!
Hey guys, just want to wish all new students and all returning students a good year at SNC! I hope all your classes go well and that your teachers are nice :)


29th August 2004

kubryk2:54pm: Anyone up for some drinking?
2001 Alumnae heading into town to see some old friends. . .anyone up for a get drunk and stupid session?


28th July 2004

xpaleseptemberx9:54pm: hi again...
it's me again with a couple questions for those who know...i apologize in advance if they are stupid, haha.

1) Since i'm living in Bergstrom, i'm not too sure how the rooms are situated...is there enough room for a chair and a fridge? I saw the 3M rooms and those looked as big as it gets. what are some important things to bring?

2) Is the school cell phone company plan thing really a good deal? I have to pay for cell phone service and I'm just wondering if i should get one of those strange pay as you go phones.

ok, that's all...for now...:) anything else i should know?
vver9:38pm: My schedule for the up coming semester...if anyone knows anything about any of the profs or the classes let me know.

Intro to Lit: Kegal
Psychology: Dose
Intro to Womens Studies: Crowley
German 203: Humphrey
Current Mood: blank

26th July 2004

xpaleseptemberx6:08pm: hey there...
hi, i'm carolyn and i'll be a frosh at SNC this year. I came across this website by chance and thought i'd join...i'm going to major in international business and minor in french, so if somebody is in that, please post about it or something....here's my schedule for next semester....

French 203 (Beane Katner)
Pre Calculus (??)
Freshman Seminar (I'll be in Bergstrom)
Introduction to International Studies

anybody share some classes?

16th July 2004

agreendayinhel12:23pm: roommates!
I know ppl reading this are mostly either alum or first year students, but its worth a shot...

I hoping to find a guy with at least sophomore standing looking for a roommate.
(My boyfriends roommate got an RA position and is thus looking for some one to live in New Res)
lemme know!!

thanks! ~justine

26th June 2004

marty5184:13pm: Orientation
I got some comments from the community while I was away– sorry I couldn't answer them! I just got back from orientation about a half an hour ago, and it was a really great time!

My schedule for next semester is:
1. Freshman Seminar- J. Neary
2. Japanese 203- I. Torimoto
3. Philosophy of Human Nature [Writing Intensive]- J. Holder
4. Cultral Anthropology- S. Hyland

Everyone really opened up at Orientation and I made so many friends, especially with people who will also be living in Bergstrom. I'm so happy that I went, and now I'm looking forward to the new school year even more than before!
Current Mood: amused

25th June 2004

vver2:58am: Since no one is really posting on this thing I took it upon myself to post something. I had a meeting with my advisor earlier this week, but he had to cancel so we are now shooting for August 2nd to set up my classes. I can not wait to go back to SNC!!
Current Mood: excited

15th June 2004

vver12:44am: Hey
Hi...my name is Amy lou....and I also got to SNC. I had the last year off because of money and family stuff, but I will finally be returning. YEAH ME!!! I will studying foreign language and English lit. I am also good friends with Meg and am Justines EC big sister. I like pie and Dr.Pepper, they are what make the world go round.
Current Mood: awake

13th June 2004

agreendayinhel15:32pm: Another SNC student...

My name is Justine, a second year SNC student. I'm a graphic design/fine arts major, computer science minor. Lived in 3M last year, will be in VMC next year- found this through Meg.

Any questions from newbies are more than welcome. Im from northern California and moved to WI to put some distance between me and my family. I went through the classic "uncomfortable living situation" last year, so if anyone wants some advice in that department I am now quite the expertise.
Current Mood: artistic

14th June 2004

marty51812:13pm: Mysterious Other Person
I'm the mysterious other person, Marty. I'm a 2004 highschool graduate and I'm entering St. Norbert in the fall. I've talked to Meg before about various questions I had, and I'm really excited and more nervous to go to SNC.

I'm living in Bergstrom and majoring in Sociology and Japanese.

My biggest concerns about college are definitely the residence hall living experience (I'm a relatively well organized and clean guy, and I hope that my roommate is kind of like that) and making friends. I usually don't have a problem getting to know people, but I've been to orientation there once before and everyone seemed really introverted... I hope that's not going to be a class-wide issue.
Anyways, I hope to communicate with you all a lot because new questions always come up.
Current Mood: complacent
sonofsacagawea11:27am: Also a 2003 SNC alum
Hello Meg and hello mysterious person also apart of this community. My name is Matt and the information listed in Meg's post is the same for me, so I'll save you some reading time. The only difference is that I'm a male and that I'm the complete opposite of a attention seeking drama queen. I'm quiet and I don't talk much.
Current Mood: working
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