July 28th, 2004

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My schedule for the up coming semester...if anyone knows anything about any of the profs or the classes let me know.

Intro to Lit: Kegal
Psychology: Dose
Intro to Womens Studies: Crowley
German 203: Humphrey
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hi again...

it's me again with a couple questions for those who know...i apologize in advance if they are stupid, haha.

1) Since i'm living in Bergstrom, i'm not too sure how the rooms are situated...is there enough room for a chair and a fridge? I saw the 3M rooms and those looked as big as it gets. what are some important things to bring?

2) Is the school cell phone company plan thing really a good deal? I have to pay for cell phone service and I'm just wondering if i should get one of those strange pay as you go phones.

ok, that's all...for now...:) anything else i should know?