King Marty (marty518) wrote in st_norbert,
King Marty

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Mysterious Other Person

I'm the mysterious other person, Marty. I'm a 2004 highschool graduate and I'm entering St. Norbert in the fall. I've talked to Meg before about various questions I had, and I'm really excited and more nervous to go to SNC.

I'm living in Bergstrom and majoring in Sociology and Japanese.

My biggest concerns about college are definitely the residence hall living experience (I'm a relatively well organized and clean guy, and I hope that my roommate is kind of like that) and making friends. I usually don't have a problem getting to know people, but I've been to orientation there once before and everyone seemed really introverted... I hope that's not going to be a class-wide issue.
Anyways, I hope to communicate with you all a lot because new questions always come up.
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