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I am glad to be back at SNC. It has been too long of a wait for me. I have a couple papers due and a couple tests but I am not worried in the least. However, I broke my foot last week so I have not been able to work, therefore giving me more time fro school. Other then that everything is going great. I also have a lot more free time so if anyone wants to hang out, send me a message and we can work something out.
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hey kiddos,
everyone has been here for a while and i was wondering how things are going! enjoying classes, making friends, etc etc?

Hope all is well, and if not, just remember:
it will get better
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Dr. Bunny

Good Luck!

Hey guys, just want to wish all new students and all returning students a good year at SNC! I hope all your classes go well and that your teachers are nice :)


hi again...

it's me again with a couple questions for those who know...i apologize in advance if they are stupid, haha.

1) Since i'm living in Bergstrom, i'm not too sure how the rooms are situated...is there enough room for a chair and a fridge? I saw the 3M rooms and those looked as big as it gets. what are some important things to bring?

2) Is the school cell phone company plan thing really a good deal? I have to pay for cell phone service and I'm just wondering if i should get one of those strange pay as you go phones.

ok, that's all...for now...:) anything else i should know?

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My schedule for the up coming semester...if anyone knows anything about any of the profs or the classes let me know.

Intro to Lit: Kegal
Psychology: Dose
Intro to Womens Studies: Crowley
German 203: Humphrey
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hey there...

hi, i'm carolyn and i'll be a frosh at SNC this year. I came across this website by chance and thought i'd join...i'm going to major in international business and minor in french, so if somebody is in that, please post about it or something....here's my schedule for next semester....

French 203 (Beane Katner)
Pre Calculus (??)
Freshman Seminar (I'll be in Bergstrom)
Introduction to International Studies

anybody share some classes?


I know ppl reading this are mostly either alum or first year students, but its worth a shot...

I hoping to find a guy with at least sophomore standing looking for a roommate.
(My boyfriends roommate got an RA position and is thus looking for some one to live in New Res)
lemme know!!

thanks! ~justine


I got some comments from the community while I was away– sorry I couldn't answer them! I just got back from orientation about a half an hour ago, and it was a really great time!

My schedule for next semester is:
1. Freshman Seminar- J. Neary
2. Japanese 203- I. Torimoto
3. Philosophy of Human Nature [Writing Intensive]- J. Holder
4. Cultral Anthropology- S. Hyland

Everyone really opened up at Orientation and I made so many friends, especially with people who will also be living in Bergstrom. I'm so happy that I went, and now I'm looking forward to the new school year even more than before!
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